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       Born a long time ago in England, I stumbled my way through the school system and finally staggered out, bemused and bewildered, into the workplace. I beguiled a wonderful girl into becoming my wife and we have far too many children. Thankfully, they have finally left the nest and a packet of cookies sometimes lasts more than a day!!

      We both read a lot, enjoy plays and the symphony and my wife occasionally manages to drag me out on a hike or cross country ski-ing. Occasionally I manage to drag her off kayaking or mountain biking.

      I play a lot of soccer (of the friendly variety where everyone gets to walk off the field alive) and when I'm not selling homes, (note the subtle plug for success and drive), I like making loud noises playing bass with my rock band. We play at a lot of local fundraisers and neighbourhood events. We have fun and it's our way of putting something back into the community. It certainly beats bake sales and car washes!!

Anyway, if you're thinking of moving to the area, call me, I'd be very pleased to help you.